Dream Interpretation Zul Qarnain | What does the Zul Qarnain symbol mean? | Seeing Zul Qarnain in Dream

Zul Qarnain Dream Meanings

What does Zul Qarnain mean in dream?

Zul Qarnain | Dream Meanings

Is a favourable stone said to evoke divine favour, success and the ability to show perseverance.

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(See Arabic months; Arafat)

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(Zul-Qarnain, peace be upon him.) Seeing him in dream means that one will intercede before a great person on behalf of someone else and satisfy his needs.

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(See Arabic months)

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A dream of seeing Zulus in their native environment engaged in peaceful pursuits is a sign that you will be able to smooth out your immediate difficulties.

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To see Zulu natives surrounding you in a dream is a sign of release from a danger that has threatened your health and happiness.

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