Dream Interpretation Zul Hijjah | What does the Zul Hijjah symbol mean? | Seeing Zul Hijjah in Dream

Zul Hijjah Dream Meanings

What does Zul Hijjah mean in dream?

Zul Hijjah | Dream Meanings

If the athaan is heard in any other month besides the months of Hajj it means he will impart the knowledge of Deen through discourses and lectures.

The same applies to athaan heard in streets and lanes.

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Is a favourable stone said to evoke divine favour, success and the ability to show perseverance.

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(See Arabic months; Arafat)

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(Zul-Qarnain, peace be upon him.) Seeing him in dream means that one will intercede before a great person on behalf of someone else and satisfy his needs.

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(See Arabic months)

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A dream of seeing Zulus in their native environment engaged in peaceful pursuits is a sign that you will be able to smooth out your immediate difficulties.

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To see Zulu natives surrounding you in a dream is a sign of release from a danger that has threatened your health and happiness.

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