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Ziggurat Dream Meanings

What does Ziggurat mean in dream?

Ziggurat | Dream Meanings

(Babylonian temple) symbolic of pagan worship or man’s arrogance, Gen. 11:3-9

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The ancient ziggurats of mesopotamia were temples built by kings to celebrate their sacred marriage with the divine, which at that time was matriarchal. Spiritually, when this image appears, therefore, it celebrates our awareness of our own potential for such union.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: The seven steps or stages up to the entrance into the secret chamber at the top of the ziggurat, leading where union took place, correspond to the different stages of awareness in eastern religions known as chakras. So to find ourselves in dreams at, say, the fourth step or stage would signify the need to come to terms with our ability to love and be loved.

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Material aspects: On a purely mundane level the ziggurat symbolizes a sacred secure space and the ability to access that space within ourselves.

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Gives gender - specific: Because the ziggurat signified union, in a woman’s dream it suggests her receptivity, while in a man’s dream it suggests his willingness to be of service to mankind.

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