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Zeal Zealot Dream Meanings

What does Zeal Zealot mean in dream?

Zeal / Zealot | Dream Meanings

It is more likely that we would dream of a terrorist rather than a zealot, yet they both have the same fanatical belief in and love for one principle. There comes a time in spiritual development where we can, if we are not careful, develop extremist behaviour.

The presence of a zealot in dreams can help us focus.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: Zeal is love in action and in the psychological sense suggests service to others and denial of the self. In dreams it suggests that some of our behaviour may be ‘over the top’.

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Material aspects: Historically, the zealots were a group who objected to roman rulership and sought to violently eradicate it. This kind of ‘love in action’ has relevance in today’s world when we come up against fanaticism in all its forms. Dreaming of a zealot suggests that we may need to act more circumspectly to achieve our aims.

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Symbolic of someone who has an intense fervor and drive for a cause, Matt. 10:4

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Dreams of a zealot represent your passionate opinions and an intense need to express. This dream may be warning you that perhaps your fanaticism may be off-putting and to respect the validity of the opinions of others. See Yell.

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