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Yankee Dream Meanings

What does Yankee mean in dream?

Yankee | Dream Meanings

To dream of a Yankee, foretells that you will remain loyal and true to your promise and duty, but if you are not careful you will be outwitted in some transaction.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. If one thinks of him/herself as a member of the baseball team, the dreamer has high regard for him/herself.

2. If yan­kees baseball team visits one’s city or town, the dreamer is opti­mistic about something.

3. Set in one’s ways.

4. A winner.

New American Dream Dictionary by
To be called a Yankee in your dreams mean your sweetheart could be less then true.

To call someone else a Yankee portends that your plans will go forward as you wished.

To see Yankees visiting your city shows much happiness and possible gains.

Encyclopedia of Dreams by
A renewed friendship with one from whom you have long been parted.

Mystic Dream Book by