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What does Words mean in dream?

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Calling out the athaan in words unknown to the caller suggests that he is a great thief.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
All sharp-edged weapons or tools indicate bad news.

Mystic Dream Book by
(Speaking; Speech) In a dream, using good, wise and beneficial words means benefits, improvement and amelioration of one’s life.

If one speaks incomprehensible words in his dream, it means the opposite.

If one sees one of his limbs speaking against him in a dream, it means that someone will report him to the authorities, or become a witness against him in a court ofjustice. (Also see Ring; Speaking; Stone polisher)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Vision: If you hear words being spoken, pay close attention: it is a message from your soul—providing important information and advice. Hearing your name spoken: see Name. Seeing individual letters: see the chapter “Letters in Dreams.”

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