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Woodpecker Dream Meanings

What does Woodpecker mean in dream?

Woodpecker | Dream Meanings

A role model, in terms of hard work, to be emulated.

New American Dream Dictionary by
A nuisance

Christian Dream Symbols by
see Birds

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary by
(see Birds, Feathers, Trees, Wings)

An alternative emblem of the drum because of its rhythmic pecking.

Among the English, Babylonians, and ancient Greeks, this bird was a weather prophet. What’s gathering on the horizon for you?

Among Native Americans, the woodpecker represents the sacred rhythms of the earth, to which you are learning to listen.

Discrimination in what one accepts as truth.

The woodpecker uses its sharp bill to carefully reach the specific foods it wants and needs.

The Language of Dreams by
To dream of a woodpecker is a representation that some part of your walking life has been overlooked.

The woodpecker represents diligence and industry.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
Dreams of a woodpecker represent that opportunity is knocking on your door. You are grappling with persistent challenges that are spurring you into growth. This dream can also be wordplay for penis, male sexuality.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
The woodpecker is a guardian of both kings and trees in mythology. It is also reputed to have magical powers.

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See birds

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