Dream Interpretation Wooden Clogs | What does the Wooden Clogs symbol mean? | Seeing Wooden Clogs in Dream

Wooden Clogs Dream Meanings

What does Wooden Clogs mean in dream?

Wooden Clogs | Dream Meanings

To dream you put them on, prepare for a wedding shortly.

Mystic Dream Book by
Things are getting in the way of one’s progress.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(Bowl) In a dream, a wooden bowl represents the world, or earning money from a business during a trip, while a porcelain or a ceramic bowl in a dream signifies earnings from a local business.

A bowl in a dream also represents one’s condition, state, or the management of his affairs. Licking a bowl, or licking one’s fingers after cleaning the bowl with one’s hand in a dream means consuming one’s share in this world and the nearing of one’s death.

A wooden bow1in a dream also represents a woman, a housekeeper, the workplace, or one’s shop. Ifone sees a gathering of people or scholars partaking in a sweet meal from a large wooden bowl in a dream, it represents a community project that unites people’s hearts and allows them to share their knowledge.

If one sees a group of people gathering to eat a fish or a piece of rotten meat in a dream, it means that a group of evil people are gathered to take advantage of a prostitute. (Also see Bowl)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
(Sandals; Shoes; Slippers) A wooden clog maker in a dream represents piety, asceticism, repentance from sin, purity, cleanliness, a hygienic person, or a marriage into a family of outcasts. (Also see Slippers)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Shaky Future.

Expansions Dream Dictionary by
To dream of a wooden shoe, is significant of lonely wanderings and penniless circumstances. Those in love will suffer from unfaithfulness.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
(See also Shoes). This is a dream which is a forerunner of a destructive element entering your life through your love affairs.

The Complete Dream Book by
(See Slippers; Wooden clogs)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Time travel.

Expansions Dream Dictionary by