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Wisdom Dream Meanings

What does Wisdom mean in dream?

Wisdom | Dream Meanings

To dream you are possessed of wisdom, signifies your spirit will be brave under trying circumstances, and you will be able to overcome these trials and rise to prosperous living.

If you think you lack wisdom, it implies you are wasting your native talents.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
Symbolic of riches, honor, peace, and long-life, Prov. 3:16-17

Christian Dream Symbols by
1- Wisdom is a quality that is developed, often by being able to interpret our own and others dreams.

To dream that we arc wise indicates the potential we have to inn our lives successfully and to relate meaningfully to other people.

2- Any figure of wisdom appearing in dreams usually refers to the Self (see Introduction).

3- Confirmation of the dreamer’s spiritual integrity is represented by the presence of wisdom in a dream. It may often appear in the guise of a Wise Old Man (see Introduction).

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary by
Words of wisdom, unless decayed; missing means a lack of wisdom

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
(See Teeth; Tooth)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Depth Psychology: Dreaming about a “wise man ‘: first remember that wisdom has nothing to do with intelligence but is born of inner strength.

The dream asks you to make use of this strength so that you can live more effectively. It could also indicate that you are already living in harmony with your inner wisdom. See Guru.

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