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Wifes Garments Dream Meanings

What does Wifes Garments mean in dream?

Wife’s Garments | Dream Meanings

A favourable dream on the whole, though it foretells change of some sort.

Mystic Dream Book by
Dreaming of oneself as having donned the garments of paradise means that the observer will prosper in both the worlds.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
These symbolise superiority, Strength, influence and the acquiring of unlawful wealth.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
If a person sees his clothes or part of his body on fir it implies that he will encounter some crises relating to his clothes or body. (This will be discussed in great detail in this book).

If such a fire constitutes tongues of falme rising upwards it means harm will come to him from the king or uler. And if no flames are seen it symbolizes pleurisy.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Seeing Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam)in beautiful garments implies that the Ummah will attain success materially as well as spiritually.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
(Goodwill; Secondhand. Also see Used clothing)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
When we, or others, are wearing a veil we are either trying to hide something, or are only partially accepting knowledge about ourselves or our relationship to others. Also consult the individual entry for veil.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
If a person wears torn clothes while he is mending them it means his financial condition will improve. Also he is to acquire adequate sustenance.

In all conditions, garments bespeak a persons’ condition (as understood from above). Similarly, if he is a sinner, his condition will improve through repentance.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
If a person sees himself as sewing or joining his wife’s garments or burqa or head-cloth, it means he will quarrel with her and she is turn will come to find out all that his relatives know

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