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What does Wheep mean in dream?

Wheep | Dream Meanings

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

In a dream, a wheel represents a treasurer or travels.

A roIling wheel in a dream means the ongoing process ofliving and earning one’s livelihood.

If the wheel suddenly stops or brakes in the dream, it means that one may lose hisjob, or it may mean the cancellation of ajourney. Wheels in a dream also represent the changing phases of businesses, or the changing hands oftheir owners. Ifthe rolling wheel produces a sweet sensation or an enchanting sound in the dream, it means good news. Otherwise, a roaring sound of a wheel means a cry of jealousy or selfish love.

A spinning wheel which is used for either wool or silk in a dream means blessed profits, comfort, or a marriage. Wheel2 ; (See Helm)... Islamic Dream Interpretation