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Wheelbarrow Dream Meanings

What does Wheelbarrow mean in dream?

Wheelbarrow | Dream Meanings

On one hand, this symbol points to difficulties (“pulling the wagon out of the ditch,” for example); on the other hand, it is also a symbol of mobility.

A wheelbarrow in a dream often points to the dreamer’s body, as does the Carriage. In addition to checking the condition of the wagon, also pay attention to the condition of the road.

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1. To see or use a wheelbarrow in your dream repre­sents hard work, labor, and difficulties. It also symbolizes your body and the way that you are moving about through life.

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See Wagon.

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If you pushed a loaded wheelbarrow in your dream, you will soon make an exciting new friend.

If you pulled a wheelbarrow, it forecasts sad news of a friend or acquaintance.

An upside-down or tipped over wheelbarrow foretells extra responsibilities for you, but they will teach you something important.

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