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Weave Dream Meanings

What does Weave mean in dream?

Weave | Dream Meanings

(See Caner; Caning)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
(Architect; Engineer; Graphic artist) A carpet weaver in a dream represents a marriage officiant. (Also see Architect; Artist; Carpet)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
With her roles as a man’s equal, Sigoumey will cut off her breasts like the Amazon queen in order to fight for her equality under natural laws. Like the goddess of the hunt, Artemis, she may appear to mirror the attributes of assertive strength, a woman with a mission, and the protector of a woman’s honor. She needs no man to validate her worth. She may appear to mention that a woman’s strength can even be superior to a man’s.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
İntermingling, industrious, pliable

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Dreams of weaving, signify synergy integration of your sub-personalities, talents, desires, experiences, and your mind, body, and spirit. See Integration Dreams and Goddess Athena.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
(Knitting) In a dream, a weaver represents a problem solver, garments, travels, or hesitation. Seeing a weaver in a dream also may indicate the death of sick person, or lowering his corps into his grave. (Also see Architect; Artist; Painter)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
A traveler.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by