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Weak Dream Meanings

What does Weak mean in dream?

Weak | Dream Meanings

Seeing an ass with weak eyesight means that matters relating to his livelihood will become confusing and difficult.

The same applies to seeing an ass which has only one eye.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Thinners and weakness of the body denotes that not much good is to be expected from such a dream.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
To dream that you are tired or worn-out is a fortunate omen.

Mystic Dream Book by
(See Pinch)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Spiritual or physical weakness is revealed to recognize the need to strengthen before one becomes weaker

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. If the dreamer is physically weak, this could mean he/she harbors feelings of being inadequate.

2. It may also refer to time—a week.

3. Physically weak.

New American Dream Dictionary by
If you dream of feeling weak, then you are venting out fears of being powerless. Keep in mind that if something is correct for you, then you feel strengthened by it, so your dream is showing you that you are engaging in a relationship or career that is not supportive of your life force. Also, if you are used to playing a dominant role in life, then this dream is helping you to find balance, integration and compassion.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
To dream that you are weak refers to your feelings of inadequacy. You need to be more firm and forceful. Stand up for yourself.

My Dream Interpretation by
If a person sees his donkey as weak, unable to walk or carrying a burden or walk uphill it means he will become unprosperous.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Weakness in a dream means strength. However, of one sees himself debilitated or emaciated, then it means weakness of his faith, failure to perform one’s religious obligations, sterility, impotence, or sorrow and depression.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by