Valedictorian | Dream Meanings

What does Valedictorian mean in dream?

Valedictorian | Dream Meanings

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Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of being praised for performing well ... Christian Dream Symbols

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream that you are a valedictorian suggests that unconsciously you have rather high hopes for yourself. There is a reminder to work hard and focus on making your goals a reality, because it is only you that can achieve your potential.

To dream that another person has the title of valedictorian suggests that you may feel jealous of that person’s success and it is a reminder that ultimately you have the power to make big things happen.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a valedictorian signify the perfectionistic aspect of you that is competitive, driven to make the grade and to be the best. See Goddess Athena and A.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of being the valedictorian of your school is very positive, and suggests you will succeed because of your strong level of confidence and belief in yourself.

To dream that someone else is the valedictorian is also lucky, foretelling an improvement in your social status. This dream can also be a reminder to take care of neglected obligations.... My Dream Interpretation