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What does Urgent mean in dream?

Urgent | Dream Meanings

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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are supporting an urgent petition, is a sign that you will engage in some affair which will need fine financiering to carry it through successfully. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Encyclopedia of Dreams

If you dream of having an urgent matter to take care of this is an omen of warning that you have left some small thing, that in reality will become very important, undone. Consult your entire dream for a clue to what it is if you cannot remember it off hand.

If someone is consulting you on an urgent matter that only you can solve then this denotes that something will come along that will require some financial help and/or a manipulation of funds.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of an urgent matter are helping you to vent out your stress about being caught in the illusion of time. Alternatively, your dream may be giving you the message that it is time for you to take action and to stop procrastinating. See Processing Dreams.... Strangest Dream Explanations