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Unit Dream Meanings

What does Unit mean in dream?

Unit | Dream Meanings

To dream of ammunition, foretells the undertaking of some work, which promises fruitful completion.

To dream your ammunition is exhausted, denotes fruitless struggles and endeavors.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Get ready for some sort of conflict.

2. Someone is gathering emotional and/or factual ammunition against one.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(see Weapons)

Gathering ammunition indicates the expectation of battle, or an upcoming undertaking that requires a show of strength (see Fighting).

Exhausted ammunition speaks of fruitless struggles against overwhelming odds.

Taking aim at a specific problem or situation with carefully chosen “tools” that might prove harmful if they aren’t used properly.

The Language of Dreams by
This dream portends the beginning of an important undertaking and its successful termination.

The Complete Dream Book by
Dreams of ammunition symbolize that you are on the defensive in your life. Perhaps you’ve been firing verbal attacks or feeling the need to protect yourself from caustic energy that is being fired at you. Keep in mind that which goes around comes around, and the only thing that can be threatened or destroyed is the ego.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
Unless one procrastinates or ignores opportunities revealed, they will lead to success

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
If you dream of reuniting (getting back together) with an ex, it suggests that you have been repeating old patterns of behavior in your life that are not healthy.

My Dream Interpretation by
Unity in a spiritual sense is usually perceived as a return to source, to the one. Union presupposes that there are two (duality) that need to be brought together.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Psychological / emotional perspective: We all attempt to achieve unity from duality – to create a relationship between two parts or opposites. Dreaming of achieving union depicts this relationship. Psychologically, the human being is consistently looking for a partner.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Material aspects: Union indicates a joining together, and this can be of pairs or of multiples. Union in pairs suggests the reconciliation of opposites and the added energy this brings.

A union, in the sense of a trade union, suggests collective action that is for the good of all.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
1. Type of person.

2. Treat things in a careful way.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(Measure; Weight) In a dream, a unit of weight may signify distress or it could mean relief.

A unit of weight in a dream also represents the elements that are measured or weighed with it. In a dream, a unit of weight also could represent one’s confidant or personal secretary. (Also see Half a bushel; Measure”; Weight)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Desire to be religious but without strict rules.

New American Dream Dictionary by
1. Fear of terrorists.

2. Different worlds.

New American Dream Dictionary by
To dream of the United Nations suggests that the most important thing in your life at this time needs your full and undivided attention. There may be an injustice at foot and to dream of the UN implies that a fair solution is waiting to be discovered.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
1. Freedom.

2. Protection.

3. An ideal to be achieved in one’s own life.

New American Dream Dictionary by
To see a United States mail box, in a dream, denotes that you are about to enter into transactions which will be claimed to be illegal.

To put a letter in one, denotes you will be held responsible for some irregularity of another.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by