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Unfaithful Dream Meanings

What does Unfaithful mean in dream?

Unfaithful | Dream Meanings

Revealing one who cannot be trusted is to prevent deception

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Indicates that whoever may be cheating in a relation­ship feels guilty about it.

New American Dream Dictionary by
A dream of contrary. All will go well with your future, if you dream that your lover, husband, or wife is Unfaithful.

Mystic Dream Book by
Dreams of being unfaithful signify that you are grappling with you’re your ability to trust yourself or not. You are coming to terms with your opportunistic tendencies, and fears of intimacy and/or commitment. You may be venting out and releasing feelings of grief, guilt and shame about past transgressions.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
If you dream of being unfaithful in love, you will be entangled in a situation that is not in your best interest, perhaps even illegal. You may have behaved in a way that compromised your values.

To dream that you are being unfaithful with your boyfriend’s friend means you are feeling neglected by your boyfriend.

To dream that your sweetie is cheating on you, means you are scared of being abandoned. You may feel some lack of attention in the relationship.

My Dream Interpretation by
A dream of the unfaithfulness of your husband, wife or sweetheart indicate« that there is no cause for suspicion.

The Complete Dream Book by