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Tripping Dream Meanings

What does Tripping mean in dream?

Tripping | Dream Meanings


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Being open and refraining from pretense, as in Bareness, Naked. Enjoying fully the sensuous beauty of yourself or somebody else. Do you want, no matter what the subject, actually is, to bare yourself? A warning against lack of boundaries and being insolent. Shedding clothes, according to Jung, is always the shedding of parts of ourselves. See also: Amputation.


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Debts; Slipping; Step lightly; Stumble) To stumble by catching one’s foot orhurting one’s toe in a dream means accumulatingdebts.lfone’s toe bleeds from tripping out in the dream, it means acquiring unlawful or tainted money to pay other debts, or it could mean suffering a great financial loss. (Also see Walking)


Christian Dream Symbols

To be tripped or to trip someone in a dream symbolizes an attempt to cause someone to fail at something, Ps. 140:4