Dream Interpretation Trapeze | What does the Trapeze symbol mean? | Seeing Trapeze in Dream

Trapeze Dream Meanings

What does Trapeze mean in dream?

Trapeze | Dream Meanings


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A situation where one must use caution and balance, i.E. “Walking a tightrope”


New American Dream Dictionary

1. A need or desire to take life a little less seriously.

2. Use caution not to avoid responsibilities and obligations.

3. Sexual adventure.


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of being on a trapeze signify freedom, skill and that you have the ability to masterfully swing to the heights of your spirituality. See Tightrope.


Dream Explanations of Astro Center

A symbol of a strong desire for freedom - to come as close as a human being possibly can to flying on his own, whether the dreamer is actually on the trapeze or watching someone else perform.

If the dreamer successfully performs a routine on a trapeze, the dreamer will experience the freedom he desires, but if he falls and crashes, he’ll very likely fail due to his own shortcomings.

If he falls and lands in a safety net, he’ll succeed in spite of his shortcomings. Other symbols in the dream can reveal how the dreamer can avoid failure.


My Dream Interpretation

To see a trapeze act in your dream, signifies a carefree attitude toward life. You may want to escape from your daily responsibilities and take some time to relax.

To dream that you are swinging on a trapeze suggests a desire or wish for romantic adventure.