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Tabic Dream Meanings

What does Tabic mean in dream?

Tabic | Dream Meanings

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Example: Then I was in a place where we were having a staff party. Not very big but people were sitting at tables eating, a party mood. I sat with my child, maybe youngest son, no one else at the table. I felt I didn’t wish to get involved with the others, the feeling I often get at parties, just alone in crowd’ (Simeon T). Simeon’s dream table shows him not feel ing inclined to connect with others. So.it shows how he re lates socially. Generally, a table shows social connection with others; communal activity; everyday certainties which support our activities—confidence you will get paid at the end of the week; one’s attitude towards the inner and exterior commu nity, thus an altar—if table is bare, perhaps not giving much of self. Quality of table: the quality of your relationship with others. Place at table: self image of your status. Dressing table one’s attempts to create a good social image.