Dream Interpretation Stump | What does the Stump symbol mean? | Seeing Stump in Dream

Stump Dream Meanings

What does Stump mean in dream?

Stump | Dream Meanings


Christian Dream Symbols

(tree) symbolic of being cutoff, Job 14:8.

A stump can also symbolize a godly remnant, Isa. 6:13


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a stump signify emasculation. Perhaps you’ve recently been cut down to size and you are feeling lifeless. This dream is giving you the message that it is time to get into a nurturing environment as you allow yourself to start over.


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of a stump, foretells you are to have reverses and will depart from your usual mode of living.

To see fields of stumps, signifies you will be unable to defend yourself from the encroachments of adversity.

To dig or pull them up, is a sign that you will extricate yourself from the environment of poverty by throwing off sentiment and pride and meeting the realities of life with a determination to overcome whatever opposition you may meet.


Mystic Dream Book

To dream of knocking out cricket Stumps signifies a new friendship made within high walls and near water.