Dream Interpretation Stuffed Fowl | What does the Stuffed Fowl symbol mean? | Seeing Stuffed Fowl in Dream

Stuffed Fowl Dream Meanings

What does Stuffed Fowl mean in dream?

Stuffed Fowl | Dream Meanings

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of seeing fowls, denotes temporary worry or illness.

For a woman to dream of fowls, indicates a short illness or disagreement with her friends. See Chickens.


New American Dream Dictionary

1. A good omen of a prosperous life.

2. A rise in social status.

3. Any problems, such as illness, will be short-lived.


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Ordinary life. Feathered animals could possibly point to the capriciousness of physical urges.


The Complete Dream Book

For a man to dream he goes fowling with his gun, and kills good store of game shows he shall reap great advantage by his calling, and according to the game he takes or kills so shall his profit be in his calling; if he kills much game, his profit shall be great, but if Utile, the less; and the signification is the same if you dream of fishing.


Mystic Dream Book

To dream of these common domestic Birds shows a commonplace and uneventful life, without ups and downs.


Ariadne's Book of Dream

Discovering a stuffed animal in the attic may point to childhood issues and feelings that have been repressed.

A stuffed animal is an object of emotional comfort and attachment.


My Dream Interpretation

To see a stuffed animal in your dream, represents an immature attitude. You may be trying to escape from your daily responsibilities and problems. This is especially true if the stuffed animal in your dream was scary. On the other hand, this dream may indicate your need to relax, be less serious and let your body and mind take a break.


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Stuffed fish; Stuffed lam; Stuffing) In a dream, a stuffed turkey means holdings, reserves, profits from an investment, marriage, a festive dinner, or it could mean recovering from an illness.

The grease collected in the bottom of a pan in the dream represents money earned from a woman.