Dream Interpretation Steak | What does the Steak symbol mean? | Seeing Steak in Dream

Steak Dream Meanings

What does Steak mean in dream?

Steak | Dream Meanings


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

The mature, spiritual word; compare to “milk”


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Meat) In a dream, a steak represents an unavoidable evil happening, or it could represent a passing danger. Sliced meat in a dream also could mean happiness, quick earnings, fertility, or exposure of what man should keep personal and private. Seeing a butcher slicing meat in a dream could mean fights, evil, war, divisions in the society, or mixing the lawful with the unlawful, or usury, or fulfilling one’s needs.


My Dream Interpretation

To dream of cooking or serving steak foretells an increase in social activity.

To dream of eating steak predicts an increase or improvement in your finances.