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Skinny Dream Meanings

What does Skinny mean in dream?

Skinny | Dream Meanings


Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing a skinny man: chanccs arc not good for your dreams coming true. You are emaciated: your actions have made you unpopular; bad times and possible health problems may be ahead.

Depth Psychology: Seeing yourself emaciated: be prepared for losses. Seeing others emaciated: chances for success are improving. See Losing Weight.


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

İndicates a spiritual deficiency


My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are skinny dipping (swimming naked) suggests that you are anxious about being “found out”. You’re nervous that others will find out about your activities and expose you for having bad judgement. This is especially true if you were skinny dipping in a public place.

If you dream that you are discovered skinny dipping and you try to cover up, you are feeling vulnerable in some situation.