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Shoulders Dream Meanings

What does Shoulders mean in dream?

Shoulders | Dream Meanings


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Used to carry a heavy load or burden, whether for one’s self, or for another to lean upon


New American Dream Dictionary

1. To see one’s shoulders symbolizes strength.

2. The abil­ity to support others.


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Friend; Responsibility; Support) Riding over the shoulders of one’s enemy in a dream means committing a wrongdoing or a shameful act against someone.

If there is no enmity between the two, and if one sees himself riding over the shoulders of his friend in a dream, it means that he will earn something from him. Carrying someone over one’s shoulders in a dream means being indebted to him. Carrying a hypocrite over one’s shoulders in a dream could mean that one may work at a lumberyard, or deliver wood for living. One’s shoulders in a dream also represent his parents, brothers, partners, one’s station, or beauty. Anything that affects them in a dream will show in any of the above. Shoulders in a dream also represent one’s partner, his employee, assistant, or a close friend. As for a prisoner, having large shoulders in a dream means serving a long term imprisonment. Aching shoulders in a dream may represent the sickness of one’s brothers. Shoulders in a dream also represent one’s child, or the weight and amount of responsibilities one can assume. (Also see Body); Ride)


Christian Dream Symbols

Strength, Eccl. 12:3, or government, Isa. 9:6.

A dislocated shoulder is symbolic of calamity, Job 31:22-23


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Ability to bear or to cany what life brings. Idioms: have broad shoulders, put one’s shoulder to the wheel; a shoulder to cry on; rubs shoulder with; chip on the shoulder.


Ariadne's Book of Dream

Attention to the shoulders may mention your strength to carry a load.

A man or woman with exaggerated broad shoulders may represent superior strength and the ability to take on responsibility. Shouldenng too much responsibility may metaphorically be expressed as carrying a cement block or another heavy object on the shoulders.


Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of your shoulders represents intensity, reliability, and afflictions. You may have been expected to handle too many obligations and certain situations are arduous for you to endure. Shoulders also symbolize your aptitude for offering encouragement and caring.


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of broad shoulders represent strength and confidence. Dreams of shoulders that are slumped represent insecurity or shame. Dreams of shoulders that are rolled back represents confidence, -esteem and -assertion. This dream could also be revealing to you that you may need a shoulder to cry on, or that you are carrying the weight of the world. See Co-dependant.