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Share Sharing Dream Meanings

What does Share Sharing mean in dream?

Share / Sharing | Dream Meanings

My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are sharing something with others, symbolizes your generosity towards others. Or, the dream could be about a feeling that you’re trying to express.

If you dreamed of someone else sharing with you, you will be lucky in money and love. This dream also symbolizes a job well done, and that you are held in high esteem by people around you.


Little Giant Encyclopedia

See Bank, Money. Are you taking too many risks? Are you looking for great riches and easy money? Are you looking for security (See Family, Bureaucrat, and Sidewalk) that is not necessarily available? Or do you simply want to be part of something? What is it that you want to (or feel you should be) part of?


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

An unselfish act of charity is its own reward