Meaning of Sacrification in Dream

What does a Sacrification mean in your dream?

What does dreaming of Sacrification mean? What do Sacrification symbolize in dreams?

(See Cupping)

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What Does Sacrification Mean In Dream?

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Sacrification; A medicinal process ofblood letting) Cupping in a dream means signing an agreement under pressure, committing oneself beyond one’s ability to comply, recovering from an illness, payment of debts, paying alimony to one’s wife and children, loss of a business or burying a treasure.

If cupping is administered but no blood comes from it in the dream, it represents buried monies that one cannot find. Cupping in a dream also means silence, desistance or abstaining from reply.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Cupping)... Islamic Dream Interpretation