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What does Ruby Slippers mean in dream?

Ruby Slippers | Dream Meanings

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

If a person sees himself as having acquired an emerald or a ruby, if his wife is expecting, it means she will give birth to a girl.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Slippers)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of a ruby, foretells you will be lucky in speculations of business or love.

For a woman to lose one, is a sign of approaching indifference of her lover.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Priceless divine jewel, peaceful and contented spirit, gracious, benevolent one... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

1. A good omen for intimate relationships and professional matters.

2. Desire, intense emotions, passion, perhaps obsession (note how deep the color is).

3. Precision, almost surgical accu­racy in emotional affairs or possibly actual surgery. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Strong, romantic love, though it may be fleeting.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Ariadne's Book of Dream

The gift of a ruby in a dream may signify your passionate side.

The gem’s deep red radiance can be sent to stimulate and improve sexual vitality and lend energy to the manifestation of your desires.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

The Complete Dream Book

Dreaming of a ruby la a forerunner of success In business or in the winning of the person you love.

If a woman dreams of losing one, her lover will be indifferent.... The Complete Dream Book

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a ruby represent romantic love, passion, and romance. This dream is giving you the message that you are rising from martyrdom to the level of love, nobility, wealth and respect. See Jewelry.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Represents all that is traditionally associated with royalty; dignity, zeal, power, love, passion, beauty, longevity and invulnerability.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

My Dream Interpretation

To see a ruby in your dream foretells that you will be lucky in business and love.... My Dream Interpretation

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Clicking her heels together three times, a woman wearing ruby slippers in a dream may appear to ground magical power. .As the amulets of power for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, ruby slippers signify the call to take a mythical heroine’s journey to find the way home or the way to spintual enlightenment.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of slippers, warns you that you are about to perform an unfortunate alliance or intrigue. You are likely to find favor with a married person which will result in trouble, if not scandal.

To dream that your slippers are much admired, foretells that you will be involved in a flirtation, which will suggest disgrace. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

New American Dream Dictionary

1. If wearing, one has a relaxed persona.

2. Symbolic of tranquility in a situation.

3. A suggestion from one’s uncon­scious to relax.

4. A suggestion that one is being lazy. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Glass slippers; Hoof; Protection; Wooden clogs; Wooden slippers.) Slippers in a dream represent property, protection, a ring, or preventing evil happening. Wearing a pair of slippers in a dream also means a journey, or travelling by sea, or it could mean buying a new vehicle. Tight slippers in a dream means tightness in one’s livelihood, entanglements, or being pursued by debt collectors. Removing one’s slippers in a dream means putting an end to one’s strains. Wearing embroidered slippers coupled with a shawl over one’s shoulders in a dream means increase in one’s wealth and respect. Wearing them in the winter is more beneficial then wearing them in the summer where they mean distress. Seeing one’s slippers on fire or if they fall into a well in a dream may mean the death of one’s wife. In a dream, a pair of new slippers that are elongated like a boat means tight circumstances and debts. Slippers in a dream also represent money which is earned from a foreign country or from an import and export business.

If slippers in a dream are interpreted to mean protection, then losing them in a dream could mean loss of one’sjob. Ifthey are interpreted to mean religion, then losing them in a dream means relief from difficulties, or an end to one’s trials. Wearing a pair ofsimple slippers in a dream means taking a trip to a distant place, or a marriage to a young virgin.

If one’s slippers are worn-out in a dream, it means that one may marry an unwed woman or a widow. Losing a slipper in a dream means losing half of one’s assets. Finding a pair of lost slippers in a dream means occupying oneself with worldly business rather than serving one’s benefits in the hereafter, or it could mean delinquency in attending one’s religious duties. Wearing wooden slippers in a dream means repentance from sin, engaging in an argument, acquiringknowledge, or exposing a secret one would rather conceal from others. Walking with glass slippers in a dream means being a hypocrite and a bad companion whose friendship does not last, and whoever befriends someone wearing glass slippers in a dream will suffer from adversities and hardships because of him. (Also see Wooden clogs)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Domesticity in all its different meanings. Sluggishness and insecurity.

According to Freud, female genitals. See Shoe.

Folklore: A small gesture of friendliness is royally rewarded.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

The Complete Dream Book

Scandalous doings are foretold by a dream of slippers, and, therefore, this dream should be regarded as a warning against intrigue. Even mild flirtations should be avoided after such a dream.... The Complete Dream Book

Mystic Dream Book

A small kindness on your part will reap a large reward.... Mystic Dream Book

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of slippers denote warmth, nurturing, and support. Because you wear slippers at home or before retiring to sleep, slippers symbolize that you feel grounded, comfortable and at home with yourself. See Slip, Feet or Cinderella.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

To see or wear slippers in your dream symbolizes relaxation, but this dream can have two meanings. Either you are very relaxed and comfortable lately, to the point of being lazy - or you need to relax because you have been stressing about a situation in which you feel insecure or not in control.

If you saw or wore glass slippers in your dream, this symbolizes truth and transformation.... My Dream Interpretation

Psycho Dream Interpretation

A dream about slippers warns of intrigue and scandal. See Shoes.... Psycho Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Slippers; Wooden clogs)... Islamic Dream Interpretation