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Ribbons Dream Meanings

What does Ribbons mean in dream?

Ribbons | Dream Meanings


The Complete Dream Book

It is a warning against too great familiarity with people you have just met to dream of wearing ribbons.


Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing ribbons in a dream: you might soon learn from or meet new friends. Dragging endless ribbons around: you have too many financial responsibilities or debts.

The color of the ribbons also plays a role (see the chapter on “Colors in Dreams”).

A ribbon blowing in the wind means good luck and success!

Depth Psychology: Ribbons are symbols of many things: “tying the knot,” “my hands are tied.” Have you already “tied the knot”—or would you like to? Do you have friendly ties to someone? Are you all tied up?


My Dream Interpretation

To see floating ribbons floating in your dream is lucky, signifying pleasant friends and love relationships.


Psycho Dream Interpretation

To see ribbons floating gaily foretells a fine of relaxation and fun.

If a girl dreams that she is wearing pretty bows she must not take flattery as a serious step toward marriage.