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Reversal Sentence Dream Meanings

What does Reversal Sentence mean in dream?

Reversal Of Sentence | Dream Meanings

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Dreaming about being sentenced: you need to take care of a few unpleasant matters. Someone is sentenced to death or sent to prison: you are involved in a questionable matter that could cost you your reputation. You are pronouncing sentence: someone is right and you are wrong.

Depth Psychology: A dream about sentencing means that you are setding a score with yourself (if you are the defendant) or with the outside world (if you are the judge). Maybe you are revisiting an old argument. Or one pan of you is in conflict with and is sitting in judgment over another part of you? Sometimes people work through an actual legal argument in their dreams. Were you the defendant in the dream or the prosecutor? The rest of the dream symbols should provide additional insight.