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Recluse Dream Meanings

What does Recluse mean in dream?

Recluse | Dream Meanings


New American Dream Dictionary

1. Withdrawal from the world, a mistrust of human rela­tionships, fear of intimacy, often unintentional.

2. A withdrawal for the purpose of healing—sometimes from difficult relation­ships, usually from intense emotional situations.


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Hermit. Being one-sided, grief, longing for social contact, but also wisdom (see the Tarot card of “The Hermit.”) The hermit is lonely, or alone in the sense of being one with oneself, being a person who can be trusted and asked for advice.

If you remember your hermit dream, talk to the hermit, ask him your question, and you will get an answer that comes from your own center. Since time immemorial, the hermit has been considered a signpost, guiding you through everyday troubles and darkness.

The hermit can bring you warmth, affection, brilliance, and wisdom.