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Prim Dream Meanings

What does Prim mean in dream?

Prim | Dream Meanings


Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
One who dramatizes excessively

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
(See Gibbon; Monkey)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
To see the Prime Minister of your country in your dream, symbolizes authority, power and control. It may also represent your own personal views and opinions of the Prime Minister and their actions.

If you dream that you are the Prime Minister, or that you are running for Prime Minister, you will have quick success with your current short-term goals and plans.

My Dream Interpretation by
Eating prime rib may represent a rare and meaty experience that will have nch rewards.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
The elementary beginning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
To dream of Lesson-books is a dream of “ contraries “ and promises a pleasant holiday.

Mystic Dream Book by
A place that is generally inaccessible, representing the unconscious and physical drives.

A symbol of strength and vitality, but also the danger of falling prey to drives and urges. It may point to more discipline, or challenges to live out physical urges more clearly. See Maze.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
See “antique”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
To dream of this little flower starring the grass at your feet, is an omen of joys laden with comfort and peace.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Happy domestic affairs and arrangements.

2. Exciting love life is in the offing.

3. Innocence.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Vision: Seeing a primrose: a happy love relationship. Receiving a bouquet of primroses: somebody is in love with you—you just don’t know it yet. Picking primroses: with patience your longing for love wnll be answered.

Depth Psychology: See Flower.

Dreamers Dictionary by
To dream of a primrose portrays purity and vitality of the young.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
Total devotion.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
(See Blame; Censure)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
This portends an important offer from a superior, which will surprise and delight you.

Mystic Dream Book by
Romanticizing the simple life.

A suggestion to live more on the wild side and to dismiss prejudice and reservations. This means trusting the Self more, having the “courage to not be perfect.” See Fool, Lion, Tiger.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by