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Price Payment Dream Meanings

What does Price Payment mean in dream?

Price / Payment | Dream Meanings

Foreknowledge; the price is not always monetary

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
(Cost ofliving) Seeing a winged loafof bread flying in a dream means high prices. (Also see Bread)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
In spiritual terms, to pay for something is to be accountable for it.

To make payment signifies taking responsibility.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Psychological / emotional perspective: If in dreams we are paying a bill we may be accepting that we have received something of value. It may be that we must make good use of our resources.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Material aspects: Payment, as in a monetary transaction, can often show our attitude to finance.

To be paying cash suggests a more immediate use of our money and resources, whereas paying by credit card signifies a need to satisfy our immediate needs without thought of the consequences.

A cheque nowadays could well show a slightly outdated attitude.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
If you receive money, you are receiving energy.

If you have to give money, energy is lost. Always make sure that you pay attention to the direction of the flow of energy: where it is coming from and where it is flowing to. Of course, in addition to the symbolic meaning, this dream might also represent an actual financial situation that might cause apprehension.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
Vision: You have to make a payment: now is the time to take care of old debts and bring order into your life. See the chapter “Numbers in Dreams.”

Dreamers Dictionary by
Financial advice can be given in a dream; always confirm

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Helpful information; the price is not always monetary

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
You must pay for everything. Or do essentials come as a gift to everybody? May or may not have to do with transformation of energy.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
A price tag in your dream may represent your self-confidence and/or values.

If the price of an item was very high, you have a strong belief in yourself and you hold to your strong values.

If something seemed too cheap, you may be doubting your self-worth, or not valuing yourself highly enough in your relationships.

If you remember the specific price of an item, look for additional meaning under “Numbers”.

My Dream Interpretation by
(see Bank / Banking, Menu, Money, Numbers, Shopping)

The prices on objects in our dreams reflect their value to us.

For example, seeing someone buy an expensive designer outfit instead of an identical brand-name one illustrates a superficial personality, someone interested only in impressing others and looking more important. Or, paying an exorbitant price on a heart-shaped pillow could represent having given too much of yourself to a relationship, or valuing love as precious.

The Language of Dreams by
(See Bread)

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