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Pressing Dream Meanings

What does Pressing mean in dream?

Pressing | Dream Meanings

(See ironing).

The Complete Dream Book by
If a person sees himself pressing grapes, it means that he will serve the king or ruler.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
(See Extracting oils from seeds)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
The interpretation is the same as pressing grapes.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Vision: Feeling pressure in your throat is an expression of deep fear; take a look at the other symbols in the dream.

Dreamers Dictionary by
(Anger) Suppressing one’s anger in a dream means having good qualities, receiving a commendation, blessings, doing good for those who appreciate and those who do not appreciate good favors. (Also see Anger; Suppressing one’s feelings)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
If a sick person sees himself suppressing his feelings, or down-playing his pain and sufferings in a dream, it means that he will shortly recover from his ailment. (Also see Suppressing one’s anger)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by