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Pox Dream Meanings

What does Pox mean in dream?

Pox | Dream Meanings

If you had chicken pox in yoru dream, this indicates repressed anger and annoyance. You may be holding in your frustrations and not revealing your negative feelings to others.

If you dreamed that someone you know had chicken pox, it is a dream of opposites, that actually predicts good luck for that person.

My Dream Interpretation by
See “acne”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
To dream of Small-pox denotes profit and wealth.

Mystic Dream Book by
To see people with smallpox in your dream, denotes unexpected and shocking sickness, and probably contagion. You will meet failure in accomplishing your designs.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
In a dream, smallpox represents debts, or being pursued by debt collectors. It also can be interpreted as increase in one’s earnings.

If one sees his son struck by smallpox in a dream, it denotes blessings for the son.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
It is fortunate to dream of having this disease. You will profit in your next business venture.

The Complete Dream Book by
This is an omen that you should be more sympathetic toward unfortunate people.

The Complete Dream Book by