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Pots Dream Meanings

What does Pots mean in dream?

Pots | Dream Meanings

A sign of coming disappointment. Be careful about your plans and do not talk them over with anyone.

Mystic Dream Book by
Symbolic of total destruction, Jer. 19:11

Christian Dream Symbols by
Spots on your clothing are a prediction that you will be able to pay your bills in full within a short space of time.

If you are unsuccessful in trying to remove them, it is an omen of high standing in your community.

The Complete Dream Book by
An offer of promotion which you will do well to take.

Mystic Dream Book by
To dream of having spots on your body is a positive omen, symbolizing new opportunities. Also see “Pimple” and “Stain”.

My Dream Interpretation by
Dark spots in the soul, being soiled and feeling guilty. Often combined with being embarrassed. There are also “erotic” spots, which, however, appear seldom. Usually it is a suggestion to become aware of a “dark spot.”

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
He will marry an exceptionally beautiful woman.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by