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Possessing Stars Dream Meanings

What does Possessing Stars mean in dream?

Possessing The Stars | Dream Meanings

Seeing the Stars gathered or collected in a certain place means that the observer of the dream will gain leadership of noble personalities thus tending to their needs and fulfilling them.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Eating the stars he will usurp the Wealth of noble persons.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Stars falling from the sky signifies that if the observer of the dream is wealthy, he will lose all his wealth and become a destitute. And if he is a destitute, he will die as a martyr.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
If a person sees himself owning a house known to him it suggests that he will acquire worldly gains proportionate to the spacious ness, attractiveness and elegance of such a house.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Acquiring, possessing or reaching the moon means that the observer of this dream will become advisor to the king or his minister or he will be appointed head of state.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
If a person sees himself as possessing some or many stars it is an indication that he will gain leadership over the notables as well as laity, their number depending on the number of stars he had possessed.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Possessing, gathering, walking in a cloud or mounting a cloud means the observer of the dream will acquire much wealth and prosperity.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
To dream of looking upon clear, shining stars, foretells good health and prosperity.

If they are dull or red, there is trouble and misfortune ahead.

To see a shooting or falling star, denotes sadness and grief.

To see stars appearing and vanishing mysteriously, there will be some strange changes and happenings in your near future.

If you dream that a star falls on you, there will be a bereavement in your family.

To see them rolling around on the earth, is a sign of formidable danger and trying times.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Aspirations.

2. Need for fame and fortune.

3. Anything is possible.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(astr. Horoscope) Watching the stars in a dream means presiding over people. (Also see Celestial spheres; Moon)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Angels or fallen angels, Judg. 5:20, Rev. 1:20, Rev. 12:4

Christian Dream Symbols by
See Planets.

The Fabric of Dream by
Intuitions about the cosmos, the perhaps almost un- noticeable promptings or motivations which occur through life leading us in a particular direction—destiny; hopes or wishes. See star under shapes, symbols.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences by
Bnght stars in the sky mean recovery from an illness.

A shooting star signifies the birth of a baby.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
Particularly bright ones, indicate our hopes, aspirations and ideals.

The star represents those things we must reach for.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Bright stars augur many prosperous years for the dreamer. Shooting stars forebode changes that bring much distress and despondency.

Psycho Dream Interpretation by
Stars falling from the sky onto the earth means that part of the earth will be visited with some calamity.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Symbolic of order, Jer. 31:35, or your father, mother, and siblings, Gen. 37:9-10

Christian Dream Symbols by
As a rule, stars and planets symbolize the nobility or dignitaries of country. Any goodness in them denote similar goodness in them. Note the interpretations of the following planets.

Mars : It represents the police force, security force and the military force of the king or state.

Saturn : It presents the torturers and interrogators of the king or state.

Jupiter : it either represents the state treasurer or the administrative representative of the state. Sometimes it also represents a man of high learning.

Venus : It represents the queen or wife of the head of state.

Mercury : It represents the secretary of the king or head of state incharge of all his correspondence.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
(astr.) Watching the stars in a dream means presiding over people.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by