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Poetry Dream Meanings

What does Poetry mean in dream?

Poetry | Dream Meanings

To see or read poetry in your dream, signifies inspiration and idealism. It also suggests that you need to improve the lines of communication with someone.

My Dream Interpretation by
An important, highly emotional message is being conveyed (note the content of the poetry).

New American Dream Dictionary by
(Poems) Selling poems in a dream denotes a person who barters his religion for the meager price of temporary worldly pleasures.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
To dream of writing poetry is a forerunner of a letter that will bring good news.

The Complete Dream Book by
A present of jewellery soon to be offered you, possibly a ring.

If the dreamer is a man he should guard his writings; if a girl, her feelings; if a wife, her fidelity of heart.

Mystic Dream Book by