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Pledge Allegiance Dream Meanings

What does Pledge Allegiance mean in dream?

Pledge Of Allegiance | Dream Meanings

Revealing one’s devotion and loyalty

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See “oath”

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(See Paper; Pledge of allegiance; Promise)

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Vision: Making a pledge: you have thoughtlessly entered into a harmful relationship or made a foolish commitment. Accepting a pledge: you can count on a good friend.

If your property is attached: a loss or a separation is imminent.

If you are impounding something: your good-natured actions are shamelessly exploited.

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(Contract; Homage) Making a pledge of allegiance to the blessed family of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, or to their descendents, or true gnostics and leaders among his followers in a dream means following true guidance, walking on the straight path and truly observing the divine laws and abiding by them. Making a pledge of allegiance to the governor of a seaport city in a dream means winning victory over one’s enemy, glad tidings, honoring piety, being grateful to one’s Lord and oft-praying for salvation and forgiveness. Making a pledge of allegiance to an impious person or to an evil companion in a dream means helping evil people. Making a pledge to someone under a tree in a dream means receiving blessings from God Almighty.

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