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Piper Dream Meanings

What does Piper mean in dream?

Piper | Dream Meanings

Pipe player, joyful spirit

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
(Jester; Music) In a dream, a piper represents someone who is longing for something, or who is anxious to say or do something, or he could denote vain talk.

A wedding piper in a dream represents festivities.

The court piper in a dream represents an army going to war.

A piper in a dream also represents an obituarist, an announcer of a murder, someone who exposes an adulterer, or one who uncovers a secret prostitution ring and exposes it leaders.

A piper in a dream also may denote one’s anus.

An unknown piper in a dream means suffering from a venereal disease.

A piper in a dream also could represent a mourner, a good mother, or perhaps a bad mother who is bereaved of her child.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
(Bird) A sandpiper in a dream represents a virgin, a woman, or a wife.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by