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Pillars Dream Meanings

What does Pillars mean in dream?

Pillars | Dream Meanings

To dream you see caterpillars signifies ill-luck and misfortunes from secret enemies.

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An unfortunate omen—trouble from a secret rival or enemy.

Mystic Dream Book by
(Corner stone; House) In a dream, a pillar represents one’s wife and money. (Also see Black stone; Ka’aba)

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(see Archway, Buildings, Concrete, Stones)

While these are sometimes considered phallic due to their shape, in ancient Greece pillars were regularly carved in the shape of a woman whose visage was modeled after a priestess of the Moon Goddess. In this form, pillars can emphasize the need to balance gender-specific outlooks, or to accept the traits you exhibit from the opposite gender as a building block to your whole personality.

What do these pillars uphold? If, for example, they support a temple roof, this implies having strong foundations and evidence for your beliefs. However, cracking and decayed pillars reflect a belief system that you have outgrown, but not left behind.

Ancient Egyptian: A hieroglyph called the Pillars of Horus was placed on the walls of homes to keep negativity away from the residents. Such symbols inscribed on your dream’s buildings may represent feelings of oppression or danger from which you wish to protect yourself and your kin.

A person’s best attributes that are worthy of recognition or honor (e.g., being a “pillar of truth” or “pillar of the community”).

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