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Phantom Dream Meanings

What does Phantom mean in dream?

Phantom | Dream Meanings

To dream that a phantom pursues you, foretells strange and disquieting experiences.

To see a phantom fleeing from you, foretells that trouble will assume smaller proportions. See Ghost.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Troubles seem to take on a life of their own (to see a phantom).

2. A past experience causes regret, pain, in spite of its absence (as in phantom pain).

3. Emotionally overwhelmed.

4. Disappointment in the offing.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(Ghost) A phantom in a dream represents money one will earn from a friendly person.

If a pregnant woman sees a phantom in her dream, it means that she will beget a son. (Also see Mirage)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
A ghostly visitor is a demonic presence.

A phantom can also suggest that an old issue is still lingering in your life

Christian Dream Symbols by
If you dreamed about the phantom of the opera, you are learning to face your fears and have confidence in your abilities and talents. Be careful, however, not to practice deception - if you put a false face forward to others, it could lead to disaster later.

My Dream Interpretation by
Disappointment in store for you.

For lovers, a Ghost dream shows a successful rival, >r the fickleness of the one you love. Be careful to avoid quarrels with your friends, or fate is against you. Do not travel, and avoid lending money or giving extra credit in business.

Mystic Dream Book by