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Petticoat Dream Meanings

What does Petticoat mean in dream?

Petticoat | Dream Meanings

To dream of seeing new petticoats, denotes that pride in your belongings will make you an object of raillery among your acquaintances.

To see them soiled or torn, portends that your reputation will be in great danger.

If a young woman dream that she wears silken, or clean, petticoats, it denotes that she will have a doting, but manly husband.

If she suddenly perceives that she has left off her petticoat in dressing, it portends much ill luck and disappointment.

To see her petticoat falling from its place while she is at some gathering, or while walking, she will have trouble in retaining her lover, and other disappointments may follow.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
One’s unseen motive or identity; see “clothing”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
A dream of trouble and sorrow (Raphael).

The Fabric of Dream by
A taffeta petticoat that rustles beneath a young woman’s dress is a sign that the wearer’s forward nature will be damaging to her love affair.

If a young woman sees herself in a dream with her petticoat showing beneath her dress, she will regret an unfortunate act of hers which will turn her lover away from her.

For a young man to dream of a petticoat is a warning that his attitude toward the opposite sex should be more courteous or he may ruin his chances with the girl he loves.

The Complete Dream Book by
A dream of warning against conceit and dissipation ; keep to moderate ways and feelings.

Mystic Dream Book by