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What does Petrol mean in dream?

Petrol | Dream Meanings

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A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Energy, explosive or dangerous emotions, petticoat See clothes. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- Petrol is a form of energy and in dreams it is recognised as a requirement that we may have in order to keep us going.

For instance, to be putting petrol into a vehicle would indicate (hat perhaps we need to be taking more care of our bodies. Petrol is also explosive and dangerous, so to be using petrol in a dangerous way would indicate that we are creating problems for ourselves within a situation in ordinary everyday life.

2- The energy we use in making decisions and in creating opportunities for ourselves can often be turned to drive. When we arc handling petrol in a dream we are producing motivation, either for others or for ourselves. When we are at a petrol station, being given or buying petrol, we are taking energy from something external to ourselves.

3- Spiritual energy and power can both be symbolised by petrol.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Mystic Dream Book

Danger of fires and disputes ; guard against either.... Mystic Dream Book

Dream Meanings of Versatile

See oil... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Crude oil) In a dream, petroleum represents an adulteress, or unlawful money. Eating crude oil in a dream means receiving money from someone in authority. Ifone is drenched in petroleum in a dream, it represents adversities that will be driven by someone in authority. Crude oil in a dream also means money, evil, adversities and wars.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

To dream about petroleum jelly (Vaseline) represents feelings of sadness and regret, either due to the loss of a friend, or because something you wanted to stay secret has come into the light.... My Dream Interpretation