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Penguin Dream Meanings

What does Penguin mean in dream?

Penguin | Dream Meanings

One who depends more on brain than brawn

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. A sense that situations are not as dire as they initially seemed.

2. Feelings of being drawn unwillingly toward the neg­ative side of things, usually in situations.

3. Working together for a common goal, the betterment of all, usually regarding a family or community.

New American Dream Dictionary by
The penguin is an interesting earth-bound bird that lives in and around the ocean. As a dream symbol it may represent concrete thinking, feelings of being burdened by unwanted emotions, lethargy, and a need to achieve balance. Think about your dream and see if any of these ideas are relevant to you. Superstition based dream interpretation books say that the penguin indicates that your problems are not as serious as you may think them to be.

The Bedside Dream Dictionary by
Traditionally, dreaming of a penguin indicates that your problems are not as serious as you may think them to be.

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation by
Suggests feeling isolated by cold emotions, penis See penis under body, castrate, pentacle See five under numbers.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences by
see Birds

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary by
(see Birds, Feathers, Wings)

If swimming in water, this represents free movement through your dreams. Anticipate more frequent dreams, as well as those with increased detail.

A penguin has wings, but does not fly. These actually help them steer through the water. So, if you’ve been trying to “fly” in a specific situation that seems to be going nowhere, consider an alternative tact, using your given talents and insight as a guide.

The Language of Dreams by
To dream of a penguin represents your magnification of a seemingly petty concern. This is a prompt for you to keep your composure and guard your objectivity. On the other hand, a penguin implies that you feel let down by your feelings. You need to bring equilibrium and peace to your life.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
Dreams of a penguin represent loyalty, formality and extreme coping skills to be ability to function in a relatively chilly emotional climate.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
The penguin is thought to represent adaptability, although it can also indicate stupidity or, perhaps more accurately, unwise behaviour.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
See birds

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
If you see a penguin in your dream, your problems are not as serious as you may think.

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