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Pelican Dream Meanings

What does Pelican mean in dream?

Pelican | Dream Meanings

To dream of a pelican, denotes a mingling of disappointments with successes.

To catch one, you will be able to overcome disappointing influences.

To kill one, denotes that you will cruelly set aside the rights of others.

To see them flying, you are threatened with changes, which will impress you with ideas of uncertainty as to good.

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. Empathy, consideration shown toward others, nurturance.

2. Mixed outcomes, commingling disappointment and success.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Distress, affliction, Ps. 102.6

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see Birds

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(see Birds, Featheis, Wings)

Rising above circumstances, or staying afloat when a sea of emotion threatens to overcome you. Despite their large, awkward size, pelicans are actually very buoyant.

Wise frugality, even during periods of apparent abundance. Pelicans do not immediately eat their catch, but save it in their bills.

Folkloric: Self-sacrifice for something you love, or a greater good.

The red streak on the pelican’s chest supposedly occurred when it opened itself to feed its starving young.

The Language of Dreams by
To dream of a pelican symbolizes cultivation and compassion towards other people.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
Dreams of a pelican denote that your eyes are be bigger than your stomach. Perhaps you’ve been overly ambitious and overzealous, taking on more than you can chew. Sleeping while standing up denotes that you are attempting to be aware while you sleep. See Bird.

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There are two meanings to the symbolism of the pelican. One is sacrifice and devotion and the other is careful and maternal love.

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