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Pecans Dream Meanings

What does Pecans mean in dream?

Pecans | Dream Meanings

To dream of eating this appetizing nut, you will see one of your dearest plans come to full fruition, and seeming failure prove a prosperous source of gain.

To see them growing among leaves, signifies a long, peaceful existence. Failure in love or business will follow in proportion as the pecan is decayed.

If they are difficult to crack and the fruit is small, you will succeed after much trouble and expense, but returns will be meagre.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Wealth and prosperity.

2. Projects and activities will bear fruit.

3. Success will be achieved after some initial difficulties.

New American Dream Dictionary by
If one dreams of opening pecan nuts and eating them, and one of them is decayed or shriveled, it foretells failure in a Love affair.

The Complete Dream Book by