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Pebble Dream Meanings

What does Pebble mean in dream?

Pebble | Dream Meanings

1. Hidden strength.

2. Difficult times, troubles.

3. Harsh judgments, often not justifiable (as in “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones”).

New American Dream Dictionary by
Dreams of a pebble are a message to you telling you to pay attention to the little things in life and that there is no such thing as a neutral action. Your dream is showing you that every action you take is like a pebble tossed into a lake that causes a ripple effect of change. See Rock.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
For a young woman to dream of a pebble-strewn walk, she will be vexed with many rivals and find that there are others with charms that attract besides her own. She who dreams of pebbles is selfish and should cultivate leniency towards others’ faults.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
Many small problems that make up a rough, but honorable, walk in life; see “gravel”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
In a dream, pebbles represent men, women, little children, or counted money. They also mean memorizing a book of knowledge, understanding it, knowing it by heart, or writing poems. They also mean performing one’s pilgrimage to Mecca and pelting stones in the valley of Mina at a placed called Jamarat. Pelting stones in a dream also means harshness, toughness, slander, or youth. Collecting pebbles for pelting from a marketplace, a street, under the trees, or in a farmland in a dream means receiving financial benefits. Collecting pebbles at the foot of a tree in a dream means receiving a gift from a person in authority, or profits from the sea, learning at the hand of a good teacher, a gift from a wealthy wife, or they could mean the birth of a son if one does not have a son. Throwing pebbles in the sea in a dream means wasting one’s money. Throwing pebbles in a well in a dream means benefiting from a marriage or a business. (Also see Gravel, Pelting stones)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Pebbles symbolize backbiting and leveling allegation against someone.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Jealousy and competition will trouble you.

Mystic Dream Book by
Pebbles in your dreams represent minor difficulties and annoyances in your life.

My Dream Interpretation by
To dream of pebble signifies petty jealousy or selfishness.

Psycho Dream Interpretation by