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Pears Dream Meanings

What does Pears mean in dream?

Pears | Dream Meanings

To dream of eating pears, denotes poor success and debilitating health.

To admire the golden fruit upon graceful trees, denotes that fortune will wear a more promising aspect than formerly.

To dream of gathering them, denotes pleasant surprises will follow quickly upon disappointment.

To preserve them, denotes that you will take reverses philosophically. Baking them, denotes insipid love and friendships.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Female energy and fertility.

2. The germination of new ideas, the fertility of the intellect and creativity.

3. The unex­pected could happen.

New American Dream Dictionary by
A dream denoting sickness (Raphael). It was held as an emblem of the human heart (Bayley).

The Fabric of Dream by
See Fruits.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
(See Fruit, Orchard).

To dream of cooking pears is an indication that the Love affair that you are now engaged in will turn out in a disappointing manner.

The Complete Dream Book by

Mystic Dream Book by
A dream of pears always promises surprises and good health followed by periods of disappointment and temporary illness. See Plums.

Psycho Dream Interpretation by